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Qualified Assistance

Stop guessing at what you need and know for sure with help from the team at Camrose Registry Ltd.

Registration Services

You can renew your registrations online here

Automatic Renewal

Whether you’re making adjustments to your registration or you’ve decided to have personalized licence plates, Camrose Registry Ltd. is the place to go.

Before you take your new car on the road, register your vehicle at Camrose Registry. It is possible to have a third party complete the registration process, provided you have filled out an authorization form. This form is used when the registrant is unable to attend the registry office, and they are authorizing another person to complete the transaction.

Our team can help you with all of the following:

  • Transferring a registration

  • Cancelling a registration

  • Providing vehicle information reports

  • Replacing lost or stolen plates

  • Modifying registration

  • Processing pro-rate registrations

  • Processing fleet registrations

If you're registering a used vehicle, please fill out a Bill of Sale form.

Feeling creative? Learn more about personalizing your licence plates! You can also ask us about the Veterans' and Support Our Troops plates, and show off your pride in the Canadians serving abroad.

You can also show your support for your favorite hockey team by purchasing a Calgary Flames or Edmonton Oilers Plate.

REMINDER: When you are renewing your vehicle registrations, remember to bring your proof of insurance (pink card) for each vehicle. We are required annually to confirm that you have valid insurance.

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